My farts mostly smell like cheese. I like watching people make up excuses but I hate hearing them. I love my bike and think walking takes too long. I love napping and always wake up early. My brother says I'm a saint and hard laughing makes me feel like I am out of control and I think that's the best feeling in the world.


After I good nights rest, I woke to realize that I have been blogging for a kabillion years; probably before you got your drivers license and there was something that felt very exposed about past posts, just hanging out, in the o p e n, like that. Granted, I am still as funny as I have ever been... I just need some time. That's my point; I need to either decide to go through all of those old posts and reintroduce them back into the interneting blogosphere or to keep them archived - although, I'm sure you would be able to find them somewhere (if you so doth thought it important enough - see that? I used old english to make it sound important).

And now, coffee time.

I'm super busy. I have loads of work to get done today :D Tally ho, moi friends (see what I did there? I mixed languages to sound cosmopolitan - you should be writing this down, these techniques are tres awesome) ;D

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